JPF Videos…downloadable
These include the amazing and historic scenes from Christine Paloumé's cine-camera. Many wonderful old faces from the past.

These videos might take quite a while to download…be patient! They will end up in your Downloads Folder, from where you'll be able to open them! We will soon upload the videos to a suitable YouTube channel and provide links to them on this page.

Title FileName Format Quality Size MB Mins The File Comments
50th JPT Rouen 1999 Rouen1999.mp4 .mp4 OK 248.6 15.19 Download it JP Cup matches
50th JPT Rouen 1999 N/A YouTube Good N/A 15.19 YouTube JP Cup matches
East Grinstead 1982 EG1982.mp4 .mp4 Spotty 44.7 3.45 Download it JP Cup matches, clubhouse scenes
Flottbek 1962 Hamburg1962.mp4 .mp4 Marginal 194.4 12.31 Download it JP Cup matches on grass